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 *  Agrippa - A Book of the Dead (1992)plain
 *  Approaching Zero - Hackers in the Underworld (1992)plain
 *  Bands of Iron(2009)plain
 *  Before there was Unix: Extracts from the Prime Computer FAQ (1999)plain
 *  Bertrand Russel & Buckminster Fuller On Work (2015)plain
 *  Cyberpunk FAQ (alt.cyberpunk - 1994 update)plain
 *  Doom as an Interface for Process Management (2000)plain
 *  How Did The First World War Actually End? (2014)plain
 *  How To Start A Fireplain
 *  Kanal X - Pirate TV & The End Of The Soviet Unionplain
 *  Legends of the Ancient Web - Radio, Tech & Politics (2017)plain
 *  Project Venus - Utopia and Social Engineering (2017)plain
 *  Social Credit - China's Experiment in Social Ranking (2017)plain
 *  We The Media - Guide to Grassroots Journalism (2004)plain
 *  Why Dolphins are Deep Thinkersplain
 *  Why Is Gopher Still Relevant?plain

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